Culture is the solution

Nissrine Ajbour during the third edition of États Généraux de la Culture

During the second season of "Students Got Talent National Contest" Nissrine Ajbour -a middle school student- chose to talk in her speech about How Culture can be a solution ? Students Got Talent National Contest is organized by Global Bus Foundation, which is dedicated to empowering youth with 21st century skills to have a meaningful participation in their communities while contributing to dissimilate a culture of peace globally.

Global Bus is a bus for all humanity led by a great team of young people with strong history in youth advocacy, social inclusion, innovation, and journalism, human rights and peace and leadership education. GB creates and supports a flexible, safe environment for young people to experience life without being afraid of making mistakes.

Contestant: Nissrine Ajbour is a middle school student from Tiznit city. She is 14 years old.

Nissrine Ajbour