Racines is human

Rajae Hammadi

For the last month, I have been trying, everyday, to write a small testimony for what Racines means to me. It has been a very hard practice, since I was trying to find the words that would represent the best Racines’ value. 
It took me twenty deleted drafts to realize that it’s not describable by words, so here’s just a tiny peak: 

In early 2014, I learned about Racines by coincidence. Back then, I had no idea that the best experience in my life is about to begin. 

Besides the fact that this adventure has taught me so much professionally, it was amazing to get to know the real Morocco and its people. It was heartwarming to witness the people of Akka, Biougra, Tiznit, etc. seeing a theater play for the first time. It is cheering to suggest to those people an alternative way of tackling their issues, or simply expressing themselves away from all the political correctness and moral discourses. 

Racines believes that culture is the solution to the human and social challenges faced by the country, and really carries this belief with integrity, drive and hard work on a daily basis. 
Racines is, before all, a human experience. Its core mission is to emancipate people for them to require to be treated with dignity and respect, and just claim what is their own. 

The decision of dissolution is just another proof that our government is feeling threatened by what people can become once they are emancipated and aware enough of their rights. 
It is another attempt to perpetuate the status quo. What they don’t know is that Racines is an idea, so good luck stopping it from spreading!

Rajae Hammadi : Communication Manager at Racines, Casablanca, (Morocco)

Rajae Hammadi