For the sake of culture and freedom of artistic expression

Dr Srirak Plipat

Racines is an important cultural organisation in Morocco, contributing significantly to keep arts and culture, as well as the discussions around arts and culture, alive in the country. Their work and reputation nationally and internationally, across Africa and beyond, are a testament to their commitment to ensure that all Moroccans are able to express themselves artistically and appreciate culture nationwide. Freemuse has worked with Racines for years and considers them to be a strong partner in our work protecting such human rights. 
We stand with Racines during this difficult time and implore authorities to keep the organisation open and operating freely for the sake of Morocco’s vibrant culture and freedom of artistic expression.

Dr Srirak Plipat : Executive director, Freemuse, Copenhague (Danemark) 

Dr Srirak Plipat